Thursday, August 11, 2016

On the rode again . . . always a good time :O)

Rexy and I joined our ADA group for a unique adventure  . . . we rode the bikes to Chino Hills and visited a hindu temple.  The name of the temple is "Mandir", a place of love, peace and harmony.  It is all hand carved by individuals in India who have volunteered their time.  Individual pieces were carved by hand and shipped to the USA and assembled in Chino Hills.  Absolutely beautiful inside, unfortunately no pics were allowed inside the temple.


Afterwards, we were all hungry and decided to take a ride up to Mt. Baldy Lodge and have lunch on the patio.  Always lots of fun with Mike and Bev, Steve, Jim and Jane, as usual the food is always good.  I feel very blessed to be enjoying this life of mine so much :O)  

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