Saturday, January 26, 2019

“A Magical Visit"

I recently visited the bay area for a special visit.  I’ll share more of that special visit with you in a later post.  I couldn’t wait to share my first visit to Wendy Addison’s magical shop “Theatre of Dreams" in Port Costa, California.  Even with all the rain the bay area received that weekend, it was so worth the visit, made it even better.  I’ve been a fan of Wendy Addison for a long time.  She inspires me always with her creations.  To actually meet her in person was a special treat.

I’ve officially retired and now its about enjoying my life and doing a little bit more creating and some traveling too, not like I don’t do enough now.  Visiting Wendy’s shop was a nice way to start.  Getting inspired again always feels right.

 Port Costa is a tiny vintage town, it was a “over the hill and through the woods” feeling driving there. When you come upon this little town, it’s a total surprise.  The weather was cloudy and cool, but so pretty too out that way.

Walking up to her shop was so exciting, I couldn’t wait to see it and buy some goodies.

Once I got inside, oh my gosh, how magical her shop is.  So many unique creations to look at too.   

Cassandra, my daughter enjoyed it as well.  I was happy she was there to share this visit with me.

How fun this visit was, so memorable too!  Blessings! xo

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