Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeling Frustrated

I'm starting to wonder here about my Etsy.  My stuff is not moving, sort of frustrating now.  It's exciting to check on it everyday, but to check and get discourage is another thing.  My stuff seems to move quicker at craft shows and boutiques.  I love the convenience of Etsy, you could do everything from your computer.  I'm open for honest opinions, any suggestions or some criticism,  I'm up for it . . puttin  the SOS out there . . . HELP!


  1. Truth is I don't usually shop online. Why don't you ask someone who knows how it works to tell you about it. Click on Farmgirl Paints on my blogroll list and ask her how it goes for her and to give you advice (she's really nice and I'm sure she will though she is currently in Hawaii and will be back in a few days)...Good luck with it...I guess like all things it needs time and getting to know the ropes.

  2. Etsy has always been slow going for me until I started selling vintage items along with my handmade things. I've even lowered pricing, but our pottery sells so much better in person than on-line. Don't know if that helps your frustration, but it's been my experience so far. ~Lili