Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Treasure found at Rummage Sale

I found this wonderful oil painting at a rummage sale in old town Upland for $1.00 (one dollar) and I love it .  I get so excited when I find something like this, it makes me want to do the "happy dance".  I don't have the best camera but it looks so much more prettier if you could actually see it.    The oil painting is signed "K. Wingfield".  Enjoy the pics!


  1. Oooooh what a great find, and signed too! I also really love that wall of brick for the backdrop! ~Lili

  2. That's what I call value for money. Doesn't it just make you want to discover who this artist is? What does the the K stand for? Was it a woman or a man? I did a simple google search but to no avail...Hope someday this K. Wingfield becomes rich and famous and this 1 dollar story turns into a sought-after work. I love it when those things happen, don't you?

  3. What a great find! Looks so tranquil.

  4. This is a lovely picture.
    I love it when I find a bargain!!
    Well done and thanks for sharing.

  5. I think it's just beautiful...in fact, I know of a place that looks so much like it! Thanks for your kind visit...:D