Friday, June 4, 2010

Pants or Dress . . . I like Dress!

Yes, going to a graduation up at Davis next weekend . . as you know my youngest son Brian is graduating.  Don't ask me what I'm going to wear now, I thought I had an outfit all picked out .  . . I was actually going to wear a dress for the first time in a long time . . I've been working out and feeling good  about myself, but my kids only know me in pants when it's a special occasion.  Being a career woman for a long time and working the majority of that time with men, I always wore pants.  I was so excited to wear this dress, took me forever to find one that I liked,  until Davey, my oldest came in my bedroom and seen it hanging on the closet door and said, Mom, you're not going to wear that . . are you?  I'm not the type to really listen to anyone or would bother to ask someone their opinion, but when my kids tell me something, why do I question myself, why? What . . am I going to look like an alien in that dress . . will I stick out in a crowd and look odd, who cares . . but I do when one of those kids of mine say something to me.

Well, you know those old "reliables" the "uniform"that we have hanging in our closet, black pants, black tank, lavender cardigan, black boots and my old faithful pearl bracelet and earrings, I guess that will do.  Talking about karma . . . I remember doing the same thing to my Mom . . too funny! 


  1. I've left you an award on my blog today! Hope you enjoy receiving it as much as I enjoy reading your blog. :)

    (by the way, I think that is an incredibly sexy dress! If you can't wear it to the graduation, I think you should get your husband to take you out on a hot date, just the 2 of you!)

  2. He probably doesn't want anyone looking at his Mom "that way" if you catch my drift. It is a gorgeous dress and I agree with Ro, wear it out on date night with your husband who won't be able to take his eyes off you! ~Lili

  3. It's amazing how a few words from our kids can dash our plans:) It's a lovely dress and I bet you would look stunning in it...so, I agree with the ladies...wear it on a date night and paint the town red!

  4. I like the dress, and agree with the above comentees it is definitely a HOT DATE dress. Maybe that's why he doesn't want you to wear it...kids are uncomfortable with our sexy sides. But husbands? Now that's another story and a whole different wardrobe.

    Whatever you wear and wherever you wear it, have fun!

  5. PS I, too, have left an award on my blog for you today.

  6. Whatever you wear Sandy...you will look FABULOUS!!!

    The dress (so pretty!) is you (just a different side) and the black on black pantsuit is you, also.

    I remember the white suit during the Christmas party...what about that? Throw that into the mix (cause it looked WONDERFUL on you) and pick whatever you feel most comfortable wearing that day. :o)

    But, nothing is as good looking on as a beautiful smile.


  7. I have heard that one before!! What ever you wear, enjoy your trip and graduation.