Monday, June 7, 2010

Thank you Ro!

Ok, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude . . thank you Ro from Soft Winds & Roses for the blog award . . this is my very first one that I have received.  I've have met some really nice people in blog world, it has done more for me personally in my life . . it makes me happy to chat with people all over the world and just touch base with them daily with maybe just a simple word or two.  It's definitely a "life lifter"!  Ro, I've tried to leave a comment on your blog . . but it won't accept it, it's probably me doing something incorrectly.  I hope you get a chance to read this post and thanks again!  Oh, don't forget to hug "Deezer & Bella" for me,  those are some real cuties . . .

Part of this award is to share 10 things about me  . . this is a big one for me, where do I start?

1.  God is my best friend  . . my whole life is centered around my faith.
2.  I'm nuts about my kids (grown kids), best thing I ever did in my life :O)
3.  Married my high school sweetheart . . Dave aka "Mr. Grumpy"
4.  Love to sew and create whimsical things . . child like.
5.  I'm a neat freak . . almost over-board to the point of irritating my family,  I can't think unless everything is in order . . sort of weird isn't it?
6.  I dream of living by the beach one day again . . best childhood memories.
7.  Still can get so excited over the little things . . . gratitude works for me.
8.  I teach a family bible study with my Mom, sisters and cousins once a week.
9.  Crashed my sister Debbie's first car, the very first time I drove it . . she never really got mad at me . . Thanks for the memory Deb!
10. I have an addiction to home decor magazines, but yet my house decor never changes, go figure.

In addition to the above, I have to pass this award to 10 blogs that I recently discovered and are fantastic, well here they are - Enjoy!

WHOSYERGURL - Mutterings from a midwest gal
Pamela Holderman
Funky Junk Sisters (FJS Show)
The Vintage Rose
roxanne the artist!
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  1. So happy you are pleased with your award! It's well-deserved. I love your blog! :)

    (consider Deezer & Bella hugged on your behalf!)

  2. It's always so fun to learn a little bit more about the people behind the blogs! (Got a kick about Mr. Grumpy!) Well deserved award and sure many more to come! ~Lili

  3. I am married to Mr. Grumpy, too. Mine is not called Dave though (phew!)

    I gave you an award on Sunday...did I forget to mention it? http://australianinathens.blogspot.com/2010/06/love-award.html

  4. CONGRATS! Yes blogging is so worth it. New friends and so many that inspire us! Much love, Sharon

  5. Congratulationss on the award, Sandy! You deserve it:) And reading your "10 things", I realize we have a lot in common {I drive my family crazy with my need for neatness;}! Hope you are having a happy summer...

  6. Sandy! How nice...what a smile that came to my face to see lil' ol' me right at the top of that list! Girl, you are the sweetest!
    You and I are sisters in the heart, that is for sure.
    I have always made people nuts with my need to clean and organize. I have relaxed a TEENSY bit as I've gotten older.
    Funny story...my brother took my Dad's cara the first night he had his driver's license...he left and came right back...he hit the voice box at McDonald's in the drive-thru! I was amazed my Dad did not yell...but he was mad.
    Thank you!
    xo, Cheryl

  7. Wow just discovered my name here - thank you so much! I have been so out of it the past couple of weeks with 1) cutting my finger and 2)getting one migraine after another. Can't be on the computer much - sigh. sheesh I am falling apart... love this song and thanks again.