Monday, January 17, 2011

Living in the Light . . now in Heaven

Our family sure is getting hit hard lately . . My Auntie Mary passed away.  She was a big influence on my life  . . glamorous is the best way to describe her.  We were both widowed at an early age.  I love you Auntie, she lived a long life, 86 years old and looked fabulous!  The pic above was taken less than a year ago with my daughter Cassandra. 


  1. What a beautiful photograph. This is a tough time of the year. Be well.

  2. Prayers sent your way! It's always hard to end a wonderful chapter. We are so blessed to have wonderful people in our lives. XO

  3. A beautiful lady. I am so sorry for this new loss. Prayers and hugs always, dear Sandy.

  4. Oh gosh I'm so sorry for your loss Sandy! Hang in there sweetie! You're Aunt was such a beautiful lady!

    Sandy xox

  5. She was beautiful, Sandy. I am sure even more so in real life.

    Sending you my hugs across the miles. May God's comfort surround you and keep you strong.


  6. May God's love embrace you. Try reading Isaiah 37:14-20, Hezekiah's prayer is a good model to follow when we seem to loose our own way.