Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweetheart Day . . . coming soon!

Are we all getting ready for Valentine's Day  . . . can't seem to have too many hearts . . . such a sweet decoration!


  1. Time for me to take a walk along the shore and find some pretty heart rocks! Love that crayon image above, so creative! xo ~Lili

  2. Sandy,
    For years, I was single. (For all practical purposes, despite living with the duggles, I am still single. Much to my mother's chagrin, NOT married.)...but...I was single and single mom to two little ones. I would make reservations for a condo or hotel for Valentine's weekend. "would you like the Valentine bouquet?" they would ask. "Why, yes, thank you." "would you like the complimentary champagne?" "Why yes, thank you." "Would you like the complimentary chocolates?" "Why NOT?"
    And we would go off and have our Valentine's weekend together. Other years, I would treat myself to a movie tout soul- such as "Mousehunt." I worked in classified advertising and all of these losers would place these love line ads. I didn't have a sweetie and it was so gross and depressing.
    LOVE, Love, love to you my friend! XO, Cheryl

  3. Yes and I love all teh pink white and red too. Thanks so much for the congrats! Sandy xox

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, Sandy!

    I read your previous post as well... what a fun and meaningful way to go... your aunt is an admirable person.

    Hope I can go that way, too... planning even the songs, the scripture passages, and short words of encouragement to loved ones!


  5. It's very warming to see all the red hearts around ready for Valentine's day. Thankfully God's love is there every day!
    Have a lovely day.