Monday, July 7, 2014

Making A Difference with a Snickers Bar . . . happier days for sure :O)

As you all know my husband Dave passed away four years ago suddenly and very unexpected.  I grieved for a long time and finally decided that I was good and done missing what I had lost.  I took a chance and started going out again, slow at first.  My dearest friend, who is about fifteen to eighteen years  younger than me invited me over for dinner one evening.  She has recently reunited with her biological father Rex and thought it would be nice to have him over for dinner too.  That was about two years ago when I first met him and we chatted briefly.  Didn't really think anything about it.   He called last January 2014 and asked me out on a date.  That's how this all started.

Since I have met Rex, each month he has given me a "decorated" Snickers bar to celebrate the day we started going out together.  I have been given five of them for five months.  We have done so much in this short time . . . its seems like its been a lot longer and way too much fun.  Lots of laughter for sure.

Thought I would share some pics of those decorated candy bars . . . .

February . . . Red bow and flowers from his yard

March . . . Pics of himself back in the day  . . . sort of scary looking LOL!

April  . . . Gold bow and paper with greeting, looks like a cake upside down with three candles, doesn't it?

May . . . Four lighted candles, Rex video taped me opening my front door to this, it looked like a mini fire happening LOL!

June . . . Wired tied #5

This man is definitely touching my heart for sure . . . xo


  1. Sandy, That is so sweet on more than one level! I am glad you are finding happiness in your life.

  2. These are so awesome! Wonder what he will do next month? :) Hugs Jennifer