Sunday, July 27, 2014

Turning 57 . . . Oh My!

Well it happened  . . . last Saturday was my 57th birthday . . . feeling a little bit "old" maybe . . . LOL! The day started out with my Mom and Dad (in their 70's and 80's) calling me and singing Happy Birthday to me over the phone, so very sweet.  Rex and I went out to lunch and to see the movie, "LUCY".  Good movie, we enjoyed it very much.

I received some beautiful gifts from Rex and my kids.  Brian was able to fly in from Wisconsin, Davey my oldest was not able to make it this time from Colorado (missed you baby).   We spent the evening all going out to dinner for chinese food at "Al Palace" in Costa Mesa and then returning back home for some cake.

Sort of a goofy pic above, I took this pic while Rex and I were riding the motorcycle, coming back from lunch the other day.  We are leaving for a bike trip up to San Francisco this coming week and will be returning with his bike club riding along the coastline, the views are sure to be beautiful.  Four days on the motorcycle, hoping I won't be too sore when I return.  Will be taking lots of pics for my next posting.

2014 has been a wonderful year for my kids and I.  Feeling very blessed . . . Thank you Jesus!

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  1. Sending you a belated birthday greeting, dear friend. Was your birthday on July 19? What a special day it was. I loved reading how you celebrated it, and the pictures were special too. I have not missed any of your posts, including the monthly decorated snickers bar. It has not been easy to leave a comment cause we've been on a ministry trip, and sometimes the internet connection is unreliable. You know how blogger requires you to always log in first before I can leave a comment. But now that I am visiting my daughter in Manila, I have no problem with our wifi signal here. So glad I can catch up and reconnect with you. Rejoicing with you, Yes, this is a new season for you.