Monday, December 15, 2014

Changes . . . Christmas Time

I'm sure enjoying this Christmas holiday . . . its funny how much we can change over the years.  Years earlier I used to put so much stuff (decorations) out for the holiday season.  I don't put as much stuff out as I used to.  I like to put just a little out here and there around the homestead.  Really just my most favorite things.  Seems like I'm so busy lately, my daughter Cassandra and I still have to get the Christmas tree before the boys come home next week.  Looking so forward to having both of my boys home :O).  This year I started wrapping a little bit early.  I used to wrap everything on Christmas Eve, getting too old for that now, trying to do it the smart way.

The last couple of years, I sure got back into cross stitching and have really enjoyed making some holiday pieces..

I haven't really found any new Santa's this holiday for my collection . . . it seems like there's not a whole lot out there, as far as anything unique or different, thats really what I look for.  

Most of all . . . what's most important this Christmas is the birth of Christ . . . that is something that will never change and I'll never stop celebrating everyday and not just at Christmas.

God is good . . . isn't he?

Luke 2:1-40  "The Birth of Jesus"

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  1. I took time this very early morning (3am) looking at your previous posts - there were around six or seven I hadn't read yet, and what a delight I got, looking at the lovely photos of your Fall and Christmas decors. And your words, all heartfelt and reaching the depths of my heart as well. The many changes inside and outside you are going through all point to a settled peace within your heart, dear friend. Love your cross stitched creations... the tasteful simple elegance around your home...the angel figurine from your mom, the Nativity set from you brother... I am praying for our Abba Father to meet you in a very special way this Christmas and the coming new year. May He grant you your heart's desires. Love, Lidia