Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Celebration . . . Eastside Church

What a wonderful evening it was last night at Eastside Church . . . "Journey to Christmas".  Rexy, Cassandra and I attended this event and had such a nice time.  Eastside really goes all the way out to celebrate the Christmas season.  The pics are sort of hard to see because of the lighting, the beautiful colors and graphic displays along with some beautiful voices . .  definitely felt like we were in a Winter wonderland.  This pic of Cassandra looks like she has something on her nose, but its the reflection of all the colorful light displays.

The Senior Pastor, Gene Appel always has such a positive message along with his normal humorous ways . . . you can always count on a little laughter too.

Afterwards, we went out for chinese food and then went to pick up the Christmas tree.  We picked a different kind of tree this year, a "Fraser Fir", it cost a little bit more than our normal pick, a "Noble Fir", the Fraser Fir is a very pretty tree with a strong pine citrus smell, making the homestead smell wonderful.  Again a change for the positive . . . so looking forward to this Christmas celebration.  Blessings :O) xo

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