Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day For Rexy & Sandy

Valentine's Day turned out to be a wonderful, beautiful weather day.  Rexy and I decided to return to Point Vicente Park in Palos Verdes for a picnic.  Point Vicente Park was the first place we went to on our first date over a year ago.

We made a small lunch for two, turkey sandwiches on fresh wheat bagels with homemade potato salad, some chips and soda too.

Rexy had a surprise ending for our lunch  . . . 2 Snickers bars of course, we couldn't forget those  . . . he added our names to them  . . . so sweet!

The weather was absolutely perfect  . . . so pretty :O)

We probably should have worn shorts and not jeans . . . was a little warm.

After we ate our lunch we did some whale watching and only was able to see one,  we walk the trail along the coast and then walk over to the light house and enjoyed the views there.  

We returned home to a heart shaped strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting, that I had made earlier  that morning before we left for the day . . .  oh and lets not forget along with vanilla ice cream and Valentines Day presents . . it was a special day and fun too! xoxo

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