Monday, February 9, 2015

Making a Difference with a Snickers Bar . . . happier days for sure . . . (Part II)

Update! Since this is the month of February and we are getting so close to Valentine's Day,  I though it would be a perfect time to post.  If you don't know it already  . . . Rexy has given me a Snickers Bar every month on the 22nd to celebrate our first date together back in January 2014.  He has gotten pretty creative each time he's given me one  . . . I wonder when he's going to run out of ideas after awhile  . . . LOL!

For the ninth month  . . . "9 lives", a little different

 For the tenth month  . . . this was too cute :O)

For the eleventh month . . . ok

 and for the 12th month with 12 mini snickers inside the tin  . . . with this one, I think someones getting a little tired and not so creative . .  LOL!

I thought this has been pretty admirable of Rexy to do this for one year  . . . I told him he doesn't have to keep doing it  . . . but he wants to continue.  Thank you Rexy you always touch my heart xo.

On a down note, I got a new iphone and lost 3 months of the Snickers Bar pics, sort of bum me out a little.  Make sure to check out the original posting from July 2014 :O)

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  1. Oh my goodness Sandy I am so happy for you! Just spent a little time catching up with you on here and it put a big smile on my face. You and Rexy are adorable together and you caught me off guard about the bike riding when I realized you really meant motorcycle..ha!