Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Debbie!

Happy Birthday Debbie . . . YOU ARE A WONDERFUL SISTER!

Debbie and I are 17 months apart, of course Debbie is the older sister (ha ha Deb!).  We have been through thick and thin with each other.  Growing up as sisters we were always and still are competitive in sports.  Who can hit harder, run faster and "now" walk longer.  We have had alot of fun over the years and have been fortunate to be in good health together.  I'm so grateful to have a sister like Debbie.  

The night Dave passed away, Debbie slept right next to me in my bed that night, that's the kind of sister Debbie is.  When my daughter had a horrible car accident back in 2009, Debbie was standing right next to me at the scene of the accident and at the hospital.  When I was working and my daughter Cassandra fell off her razor and split her knee open and required stitches, Debbie was there at the hospital when I couldn't get there fast enough.  When I've been a dollar shy or two, Debbie was there with an able wallet.  That's the kind of sister Debbie has been and I am forever grateful for that.

Life is a journey full of lots of stops and detours and God sometimes gives us someone to hold us up  and encourage us to keep on going and don't give up . . . Thank you Debbie :O)


  1. What a wonderful sister Debbie is. You are blessed to have one like her.

    I am happy for you, rejoicing with you. God has prepared her for you...to be there at the time you need her.

    And, I am very sure you have been a blessing to Debbie too!

    Happy birthday to your dear sister!


  2. Happy belated birthday to your big sister! That's a glowing tribute to her and I'm sure she thinks the world of you too Sandy. Blessings to you both. xo ~Lili

  3. Wishing your sweet sister a belated Happy Birthday! She sounds very special...you two are very blessed to have each other:)