Friday, November 26, 2010

Reaching Out

Love God and love each other . . . 1 John 4:21


  1. You did not sleep last night! Did you go to Black Friday? I go to get my yearly snowglobe at J.C Penneys. $200.00 later I'm home and heading back to bed. Hope all is well. Hope you were surrounded by those you love yesterday. Love to you, Sharon

  2. That's a pretty contrast with the pink heart rock. I often find them along the beach here, but not in pink...at least not yet at least! xo ~Lili

  3. Lovely Thanksgiving dolls, and amazing yard sale finds... those Christms tree balls are so beautiful and so unique. I wish you a meaningful Thanksgiving weekend, dear Sandy.

    Thanks for your visits to my blog. My heart lights up each time I get a visit from you.

    Be blessed...


  4. Oh what a lovely photo:) And I love your new blog look, Sandy...it's so cheery & whimsical!