Monday, October 13, 2014

A Fun Day With My Daughter Cassandra :O)

 Earlier today, Cassandra and I decided to enjoy an adventure together.  It's always fun visiting the Orange Circle in the City of Orange.  Since we live so close, we thought we would spend the day there visiting some of the antique shops and of course, having some goodies and coffee too.

Cassandra is picking up some bagels for some salmon spread at home . . . yum yum!

We also pick up some pumpkins ones too . .  Fall delicious for sure.

That's yours truly . . 

 While at the Orange Circle, we visited a wonderful shop of vintage clothing and accessories for the ladies called "Elsewhere", located right on Chapman Avenue.  Some of the items were just too pretty, beaded bags, perfume decanters and some wonderful cameos and brooches.  This shop was a real treat to visit.  Will definitely stop in again for a visit.

 A corset pin cushion  . . . would love to try to make one.  Just sweet items in this cabinet.

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