Saturday, October 11, 2014

Roger's Gardens . . . Halloween Ready :O)

I've always wanted to visit Roger's Garden's in Corona Del Mar during the holiday season and had the opportunity to visit a couple of weeks ago, such a neat home and garden store.  Here's some pics  . . .

Rexy enjoyed sitting in these over-sized chairs . . . nicely made I may say.

I've never had a opportunity to actually see a Nicol Sayre original  . . . her work is amazing, such a talent.  It was a real treat to actually see one up close, lots of detail.

And of course, we all love Debbie Thibault collectibles . . . cute stuff for sure!

 Decorated paper goods always steal my heart . . . loving the skulls.

Vergie Lightfoot pumpkin heads  . . . love them, cool colors too, not just orange.

I personally only have one Christopher Radko Christmas ornament . . . here's a pic of his Halloween collection.

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