Friday, October 24, 2014

Making It Back In One Piece . . . Tuscon, Arizona

Just got back from Arizona with Rexy and bike club.  As always just a wonderful time and adventurous  too.  We visited two ghost towns and a mine,  Old Tucson, Gammons Gulch and Asarco Mineral Mine.  We actually took a tour of the mine by bus, very interesting and enjoyable.  While in Arizona we went to Tombstone for "Hellrado Week", people there love dressing up in costume for the celebration.  It was so much fun to visit there.  We ate way too much and I definitely need to cut back now.  Rexy's bike gave us a little trouble on our way back, but we made it safely back home.  Riding in the Arizona sunsets was a little scary but so worth it.  We had some beautiful cloudy days, as well as sunny ones too, Arizona is truly beautiful place to visit this time of the year!

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  1. Dear friend, October was quite a full month for me, so I had not been able to visit blogs... but this morning I am thinking of you and here I am. So glad to see you are having a wonderful time. I loved the post about you and your daughter visiting at the shops in Orange County... and your bike ride to Tucson Arizona. Everything sounds lovely. Must admit though that I don't care much for Halloween... so sorry I have no comments about those posts. But you are surely one creative, and fun loving woman. I loved seeing the photo of you in your O.C. post. Still hoping one of these days we could meet face to face and have coffee and bagel at the place where you and Cassandra went. MUch love, Lidia