Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Adding Something New

Lately, I've been helping Rexy fix up his place, we decided to add some lattice to his front yard in one of his flower beds, hoping to dress up the front a little bit.  Instead of using the traditional stuff at the local hardware store, we decided to create and build our own.  We actually used masonry steel grid instead of lattice along with a wooden frame.  We loved the way they turned out.  We added two Bougainvillea
plants, Gold King (orange rust color) and California Gold (yellow gold color), just too pretty.  Now to see if the plants take well to this tough soil.  Hoping for the best.


  1. I love the way you guys did it. With plenty of love and nurture, the bougainvillea will surely grow. They are hardy plants that grow fast and need constant pruning to keep them from running wild and taking over the garden. In many ways, a picture of our own lives! Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend.

  2. Hi Sandy, Love watching things grow. We actually planted a little garden this year. I should blog it!! Some of it was a few 'pallet' ideas from pinterest. LOL It was wonderful to go out and get fresh onions and herbs for recipes. Along with a few tomatoes and peppers and squash. So HAPPY to see a NEW CHAPTER for you!!! Lots of love and prayers sent your way. Sharon