Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Adding some more goodies to the homestead . . . decorating is always fun!

  Loving my new kitchen and having so much fun buying new "toys" aka appliances for it.  My new Kitchen Aid coffee maker arrived this morning.  Its a unique, different kind of coffee maker, "pour over coffee brewer".  This coffee maker only brews eight cups at a time, would have preferred twelve cups, especially when entertaining.     Yes, the coffee does taste much better. It does take a little longer to brew.  We're still shopping for a new microwave, the white one is looking a little dated.

I've added some additional pictures to the entry.  I've had these two prints forever.  I bought them at a estate sales years ago with my Mom.  I never did anything with the frames as far as replacing them.  Left them just as they were when I bought them.  The dresser is black also, very complimenting.

Oh . . .  almost forgot to mention we finally got the tile.  It took forever to get here.  We waited over four months.  It's tile with with the look of hardwood flooring, the color is called "Eco Wood Copper".  We are excited to get it installed in the kitchen, entry, hallway and both bathrooms.  Installation will take place in two weeks, Yes!

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