Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sweet touches around the homestead . . . feeling like home again :O)

I finally get to decorate a little and you know how much I love to do that.  Haven't been able to sew or create something lately.  Before you know it, Fall will be here again and you all know how excited I get around that time of year. I added some goodies to the new kitchen and also opened up the entry a little bit.

Always have to have a little cross stitch around, it puts a smile on my face . . . I made this when Rexy and I first started dating  . . . I have always loved the water, Rexy and I spent alot of time at the beach when we first met 

Jennifer, my bestie, gave me this Tiffany night light years ago and it still works, love it against the tile, looks perfect and the colors are so pretty 

I cross stitch this sweet little cake for my baking counter, Fall is always a perfect time for baking, got to be ready

This  black dresser has always sat in my entry, it's got a new place now. Rexy loves to be out in the yard, thought I would do a garden theme for the dresser

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  1. Dearest friend, I have not been on Blog Land much the past years, except to do my monthly post or two, and even then my visits to my blog neighbors have been few and far between. But yesterday I spent time visiting a few blogs, and of course you are always included in my blog itinerary, Sandy. Scrolled down from the top post to read the ones I have missed. I said I was going back next day to leave a long comment. And while I was sleeping, you came and visited! Well, it's still very early morning here (3am) but here I am... I enjoyed looking at the photos of your new kitchen, and the handmade cross stitch decors you have put in here and there... Your personal touch makes all the difference. We've both gone through huge changes in our lives, and as i always say I am rejoicing with you. I can feel the love in your heart, and somehow I am looking forward also to seeing photos of your big day, whenever that will come! I am thankful for the season of growth I am in. As you said, it is a preparation for something big in the future (near, I hope and pray...) - which I am believing is the full resolution of my current situation (the one I wrote about in my blog). You are a dear friend, not only in blog world, but in real life. (Actually, there is no difference - blog friends are real life friends too, just not face to face.) Enjoy your weekend, Sandy. Much love, Lidia