Monday, August 29, 2016

Adding Some Pretties!

Finally hanging some pictures again . . . it's actually looking normal around here for a change . . . lol!

My Mom brought these canvas prints by Kelly Rae Roberts for me.  They were given to me as birthday presents.  I decided to hang them together and I love the location of them, just enough light to compliment them. 

 This is a small oil painting I found at a church rummage sale, lots of pretty shades of green in it, looks so pretty under the Tiffany lamp.

I found these "drift wood gray" colored shadow boxes at Target and decided to display some of my cross stitch projects in them.  They look great in the den with the canoe rentals wood display.

Added a pretty reading lamp also above the couch or should I say above Rexy's favorite sitting place.  Have a great Monday blogland friends!

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