Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Having fun with some butterflies :O)

Thought I would post some finish pics of the butterflies that I cross-stitched from a pattern I found on  Pinterest.  Absolutely love that website and its so much fun to create the boards too.  It sort of puts everything in order.  Order is something I absolutely love  . . . order is something my life certainly hasn't been.  Lots of things have happened in this life.  Anyways . . . here are some pics of the butterflies framed.


  1. Very very pretty Sandy! I too love Pinterest, it's my favorite thing to browse with morning coffee! xo

  2. so pretty, Sandy! I love counted cross stitch, and used to do it a lot years ago. I love order too... but well, my room needs a lot of ordering at this point in time. love to you, dear friend.

  3. Love them! I miss cross stitching. Just went through a bunch of books to take to 'Good Will' can't part with them. You inspire me! XO, my friend!

  4. Sandy, I love these! Very nice. Gotta love Pinterest. Your choice of colors is amazing.
    xo, Cheryl